COVID-19 Update
We are looking forward to hosting our 2nd Conference and will be adhering to the COVID-19 guidelines and recommendations of the host state and venue

The Institute for Tissue Regeneration & Repair Conference

December 4-5, 2021 • Boston, Massachusetts


Don’t miss out on the 2nd Institute for Tissue Regeneration & Repair conference.  Medical professionals will have the opportunity to learn about Shock Wave (EPAT/ESWT), Extracorporeal Magnetotransduction Therapy (EMTT), and other regenerative modalities from leading worldwide experts. The event will include lectures, round tables, and hands-on training.

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Connect to the Resources That Help Your Practice Thrive

Welcome to The Institute for Tissue Regeneration & Repair, where healthcare professionals can collaborate, share and learn about the exciting and evolving field of regenerative medicine. Here you’ll discover all the latest research, plus evidence-based and evidence-guided tools, technologies and techniques that help you create exceptional outcomes for your practice and patients. 

A Unique, Immersive Learning Experience

What are today’s most advanced regenerative technologies? Which treatment options will best help your patients and improve practice outcomes? Most physicians are seeking answers based on first-hand experiences from their medical peers -- and that’s the idea behind The Institute for Tissue Regeneration & Repair. Take a look!

“The Institute for Tissue Regeneration & Repair conference is a must go to meeting for anyone looking to provide their patients with the most current and up to date technology in the regenerative space.”

Dr. Michael Chin, DPM

“Whether you're a doc new to shock wave or someone, like myself, who has been doing the procedure for over 10 years, this is one conference you don't want to miss.”

Dr. David W. Nadler, DC

“I came away with so many amazing pearls that I was able to implement immediately into my practice. Invaluable experience.

Dr. Brice W. Blatz, MD, MS

“An exciting and encouraging conference!”

Dr. Sunil Aurora, MD